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FlonFlon, a typical French village square pops up near the Seine!

These kinds of news always please us.

At a time where going out and meeting new people is complicated, FlonFlon appears like a messiah for Parisians! Located in front of the boat-hotel OFF Paris Seine, on the Quai d'Austerlitz, this convivial spot will make you feel like a festive night in a Southern France's small village.

Pétanque, Drinks, Food & Music

One of the most important thing: they have pétanque fields set up for the occasion. So it's a perfect set up for the apéro hour. Come with friends, pick up a beer, a glass of wine or pastis and go play the pétanque like we French people always do during summer apéros.

They also covered the food aspect by inviting a Chef to the project: Salim Asselate. You'll be able to eat freshly cooked product as well as French famous "Charcuterie" and cheese platers, grilled meats, seafood and of course fresh deserts.

Great food, great drinks, great atmosphere: you have all the ingredients to have a great time with your friends at FlonFlon village. Check their Facebook page to see all the special events for the next few days.

Sometimes they organize pétanque Championship! Be there if you feel like you can beat us! ;)

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