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Founding members

From left to right,

Maud Alavès
The regular on terraces
Her last trips: Norway, Moscow, Lisbon.

Alix Freylin

The tireless walker

His last trips: London, Shanghai, Madrid.

Clement Letrillard

All terrain man

His last trips: Greece, Thailand, Canada.

Volunteer members

Thibault Montbazet
Professor of history and geography

In charge of historical content.
morgane alaves.png
Morgane Alavès
Toulouse Fine Arts graduate

Creation of communication tools.

Students doing communication! 

As part of the "Micro-agency" educational exercise of the ISCOM communication school, a team of 5 students takes charge of all Panamanian communication!


Their missions 

Strengthen our digital presence 

  1. Develop a PR strategy (press relations) 

  2. Develop our reputation (through events) 


Do you want to join us?

Take a look at our volunteer opportunities if you want to join our amazing team. Maybe one of them will be made for you 😊!

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