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Unusual nights in Paris

Have you ever party in a kebab or in a pizzeria?

Sauce Blanche (White Sauce) commonly known as the special kebab sauce is also a concerts promoter in Paris. It was born from a common passion for music.

Who's behind the idea?

Both tired of the classic way of performing concerts, Sophie and Mathilde wanted something new and original. They decided to bring culture where it's not expected. They met a few years ago and decided to gather their affection for live performance and music. A simple thought came when they launched the concept: Kebab restaurants are the only late-opened spots where nothing is happening apart from drunk students visits after the nightclub. That is how Sauce Blanche was born.

From left to right: Sophie and Mathilde

How do those parties look like?

The main objective of the project is to promote emerging talents. They already organised many concerts like a rap performance in an Indian restaurant, a live gig in a Chinese restaurant and lots of pop events in kebab restaurants. Here is a snapshot of how it looks like ☺️.

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