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Stroll high above the 12th arrondissement of Paris

One month ago we shared with you La petite ceinture du 14e in Nature is back in town, a little stretch of the old railway of Paris. Today we introduce you to La petite ceinture du 12e, a more arranged area than in the 14th and this time in height. This stretch is the longest of the ones which are open with 1,67 km ( = 1 mile) of walking. You can reach the railway at the beginning of rue des Meuniers, next to the stairs there is the entrance of your stroll!

La petite ceinture du 12e

Since starting: a flat path, benches and tables are arranged for people. It’s the perfect place for a picnic under the sun or to sit and read a book. During your promenade on the double railway, you’ll be surrounded by trees and high floors of buildings, take time to admire the landscape of the Parc de Vincennes from the famous Viaduc du Cours de Vincennes.

Railway or Garden

At the middle of your stroll, you can choose to continue on the railway or wander in the garden. If you choose the garden, you’ll discover a road where you’ll see grass squares full of flowers and a small lake, it’s a short “walk in nature” that ends at the Square Charles Péguy. If you continue on the railway, take time to read the information boards about this stretch. After a little time walking, you’ll pass on another viaduct to finally end your stroll at Villa du Bel Air.

Enjoy this high promenade in Paris and don’t forget your sunscreen and your umbrella (weather changes so fast).


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