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Raclette nights at the Pavillon Puebla

Winter is coming, and it will bring with the raclette!

Raclette might be one of the only French dishes for which all French people agree is a must-have during cold days. Raclette cheese, vapour cooked potatoes and meat served with Savoie white wine. This is what it's all about. And if in Paris we don't really like winter, one of our only hope to go through winter without a mental breakdown is Raclette nights with our friends!

Raclette is a dish coming from Savoie in the Alps that you eat with all your friends. It's an occasion for a warm and friendly diner where you eat and drink too much (which is something we love in France).

Raclette nights at the Pavillon Puebla

Recently, the Pavillon Puebla, located in the 19th arrondissement's most loved park the Buttes, Chaumont, announced that during the whole Fall/Winter season, it will serve Raclette from Thursday to Sunday. With its cosy and woody atmosphere, you'll feel you transported into a real Savoyard Chalet!

Now you know where to go when the weather is shitty cold!


- Pavillon Puebla, Avenue Darcel, Buttes Chaumont park, 75019, Paris

- Starting October 9th

- From Thursday to Sunday

- Metro access: Buttes Chaumont line 7bis, Pyrénées line 11, Colonel Fabien line 2.

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