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Paris-Plage: a beach pops up in Paris!

Every year, Paris town hall organizes a summer event opened every day called Paris-Plage (which literally means Paris-Beach). Installed on the bank of the Seine river as well as next to the Villette' pond, the infrastructures will be open for public on July the 18th.

Sanitary rules to observe

Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris, expressed her desire to open Paris-Plage this summer as well, even with the difficult situation, for the Parisian to have a taste of summer holiday. But there will be sanitary rules to respect if you want to enjoy the beach infrastructures. We don't have clear info yet, so check on the Paris tourist office website to know more.

Just two weeks to wait until we can chill in a deckchair on a sunny day while tipping our toes in the Villette pond!

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