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Organic Burgers, does that really exist?

You would tell me no at first sight. But remember, you're in Paris, the city of worldwide food. Everything is possible food-wise. Let us tell you about the story of the Parisian burger brand BIOBURGER...

100% organic burgers 🌱

From the bread to the beef patties, the cheeses, the fries and the vegetables, every product is guaranteed organic. None of their products come from a farm using GMO and everything is freshly cooked. They are very committed to reducing their impact on the environment. More than promoting organic agriculture, they also offer vegetarian options and all their waste can be transformed in a compost thanks to their partner Moulinot!

They have a fully transparent and authentic approach about what they do. Moreover, the burgers are very accessible in terms of prices. A menu with a burger, fries and a drink costs near to 12€. On their website you can see they explain really well the costs of their menus and what the money is used for.

You can trust us, the burgers are tasty and the fresh fries are amazing! Aos we say in French, you can go there with your eyes closed 😉

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