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Nature is back in town

The come back of sunny days means that strolls are back too in our favourite city !

Today we share with you La petite ceinture : an old railway of 32km/20miles going around Paris. And good news for lovers of relaxing hikes, street art and original landscapes : 9 districts’ railways are open for walking. Take some time to discover these places where nature reasserts itself.

La petite ceinture du 14e

And there is your first itinerary to see Paris from another angle ! We all know Paris with its gigantic museums, green parks and beautiful buildings. But sometimes we need a green and calm spot in this big city. La petite ceinture du 14e is the perfect promenade. Paris as you never imagined.

Take a walk in nature.

Based in the 14th district, it’s one of the quietest places of the capital. Totally apart from buildings and streets, you’ll forget the sound of cars and people blabbering. This short railway of 0,75km/0.47miles is the perfect place for a reality break.

Start your stroll at rue Didot and get in another viewpoint of Paris. Since the beginning, the railway has been completely covered by vegetation. With the sun and heat back, you’ll be refreshed by leafy trees and airflow under bridges.

Art is hidden everywhere.

In this portion of La petite ceinture, you’ll see many types of art :

  • Tunnels full of tags : take time to look closely at creations of street artists. Some works are amazing, and you’ll see them all along the way

  • The exhibition of La Journée des arts plastiques which is a partnership with the municipality. On the 14th railway you can see works of art that people created with a common theme

  • Greenery art : blossom trees, high grass and walls of vines. The abundance of nature brings serenity.

This season is the best one to wander outside : So grab your mask and enjoy this trip as we do !

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