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Nannybag, the win-win service for travellers and hostels!

Imagine you're travelling to Paris for a week. You're at the end of your trip, you have to leave the hotel at 11 am but your train is at 9 pm. You still have some places you want to see and visit but your luggage is a real burden. The hotel manager isn't really helpful as he doesn't want to keep your luggage all day, saying he can't do that... So here you are carrying your luggage all day in the elevator-free Parisian subway, on the paved streets of the Marais, on the tiny sidewalks bumping a few people on the way, etc. Basically, this last day in Paris could have gone way better if you didn't have to carry the luggage with you all day.

This is where Nannybag, a Parisian company enabling travellers to travel hands-free by securing and storing their luggage, appears like the messiah. Nannybag is the world's largest luggage storage network with more than 500 cities and 10.000 storage partners. Their goal really is to ease the travelling experience in Paris and other cities in their network.

So if you want to enjoy visiting Paris, do it hands-free! 😉

Door-to-Door, the new service by Nannybag

Imagine travelling to Paris Luggage free... You arrive at Charles-de-Gaulle airport and you have no queue to get your luggage back. You can go straight to your hotel where your luggage is waiting for you. This is what Nannybag developed for you...

While being challenged at its core by the Covid-19 pandemic, Nannybag worked hard during the past few months and launched a new service called Door-to-Door. They wanted to get one step further in easing the travelling experience of their users. Door-to-Door will enable every traveller to get his luggage shipped to the next destination directly from his home.

The idea is pretty simple:

  1. Nannybag comes to your house to get your luggage

  2. Nannybag manages to get it to deliver to the hotel you booked at your destination.

  3. You travel hands-free and your luggage is waiting for you in your hotel room.

More than the fact that this service enables users to travel free of their luggage's burden, it's a great way to avoid losing time at the airport, saving money from expensive luggage fees that some airlines make you pay and it's helping hotels to overcome the tense situation due to Covid-19.

Now, when you're travelling, think of Nannybag for your luggage management and avoid unnecessary stress and anger! 😃

If you're looking for travelling inspirations, check out their amazing blog!

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