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Discover the North-East Paris

Hello everyone, welcome to our weekly "Rendez-vous", discovering Parisian places. Today, we are going to make you discover the mythical places of the 19th and 20th districts of Paris.

Between historic squares, shopping streets, green parks, shops, and atypical bars, get ready to discover less known places of the capital and become a true Parisian!

If you ever feel lost, don’t worry, you'll find bellow a link to the itinerary's map !

To get to Belleville Park from the Couronnes metro station, simply walk along the Rue des Couronnes.

The hanging gardens

This bohemian park reflects the image of its district: a park where art and a mix of cultures predominate. Created in 1988, Belleville park is located in the 20th arrondissement and is situated on the heights of Belleville. Don't forget to take good trainers, this park is quite steep! With more than 1,200 species of trees, a vast lawn, and its tree-lined paths, you’ll feel like walking in the hanging gardens of Babylon. In summer or winter, go appreciate the green space of this suspended park as well as the splendid view it offers.

A breathtaking vue of Paris

After climbing to the top of Belleville's park, you will have the chance to access the belvedere.

Belleville's belvedere offers a breathtaking view of all of Paris. It is always nice to get up high, especially at the end of the day when you can watch an amazing sunset.

The Moncoeur Belleville café is a must-see spot in the park with a view of the Eiffel Tower from its terraces, not to mention its jazz and pop concerts and board games. What is certain is that while strolling in Belleville Park, time will seem much too short...

After you have walked through this belvedere, follow the rue des Couronnes again but this time up to the end and at the intersection turn right on the rue des Cascades up to no to 74.

The Vinyl Fan shop

As you are heading to our next stop, go through the rue des cascades, a street that has retained the past charm of the Belleville contemporary era and where you will be able to admire a lot of graffitis. In fact, if you keep your eyes open, you may even find small faces inlaid in the walls. Strange, but unique!

Yoyaku, located at 74 Rue des Cascades is THE place to go for vinyl and electronic music in Paris. The owners of the shop are very welcoming and always ready to answer your questions. The atmosphere is very relaxed, you can have a beer, sit on the couch and enjoy the DJs throwing vinyl records. Yoyaku also has its own independent techno label. If you are passionate about music or just want to have a good time, don't hesitate!

For our next stop, turn around, go back to the intersection, this time take the Rue Levert and on your left, you will see the Place des Grandes Rigoles.

The lively square

Place des Grandes Rigoles is famous for its lively atmosphere and is in perfect harmony with the cosmopolitan side of the district.

On weekends, flea markets extend as far as the Rue des Couronnes with its famous bars and restaurants. If you're passing through during the weekend, don't hesitate to go around the market, maybe you'll find some little treasures to bring back as a souvenir!

Finally, this square is also symbolised by its wall, which is used for graffiti and the graffiti in question often changes.

Once you have discovered the Place des Grandes Rigoles, take the Rue Levert and then the Rue du Pré Saint-Gervais and in less than 7 minutes walk, you are at the Place des Fêtes.

The controversial square

Place des Fêtes has over time lost its attractiveness, which was its very essence, and is a perfect example of the negative impact that urban planning can have on a geographical area.

It symbolizes the Parisian modernism of the 1970s when urban planning replaced romanticism and Paris expanded and created its first low-rent housing.

In the 14th century, this square was called "Beau Regard" and fields and mills could be seen around it. The least we can say is that today the square is less beautiful to look at. Today, the inhabitants of the district are waiting for a redevelopment of the square, a project which is still under discussion. Just a little warning here: we advise you to stick to your belongings, should you wander around.

To get to the Mouzaïa district, take Rue Compans, then turn right onto Rue des Mignottes and in less than 6 minutes you will be on Rue de Mouzaïa.

The countryside in Paris

As in the 19th arrondissement, the contrast between the Place des Fêtes and Mouzaïa is striking. In less than 500 metres you leave a rough area and move on to a rather bourgeois district with trees and lots of flowers, also known as "the countryside in Paris".

Mouzaïa is like a village made up of small lanes full of greenery and small colourful bourgeois houses. To enjoy the surrounding peace and quiet and to admire the typical villas, walk along with rue du Général Brunet, Rue de la Liberté and Rue de l'Égalité.

After this peaceful visit to the Mouzaïa district, continue along the rue du Général Brunet and then the rue Botzaris and you will get to the Parc des Buttes Chaumont.

The Park’s hut

The Rosa Bonheur bar opened in 2008 in the Parc des Buttes Chaumont. It symbolizes the friendly and convivial atmosphere of its neighbourhood. It is the meeting place of the neighbourhood. Young or old, everyone meets there! This cool lively bar is a spot known as an LGBT friendly place. Its themed evenings (sport, cinema, electronics, popular) give an atmosphere of sharing, a value that we all hope to find again in 2021.

The Temple overlooking Paris

The Parc des Buttes Chaumont is one of the rare Parisian parks with steep slopes, ideal for joggers in the neighbourhood. You will find a small lake, streams, a waterfall and playgrounds in the middle of greenery.

It is also home to the Temple of the Sibyl, a temple that has become very well-known and quite touristy today. Although it attracts many people, you’ll still get a feeling of serenity once up there. Created in 1866 by architect Gabriel Jean Antoine Davioud, the temple overlooks the park and offers a breathtaking panorama over a large part of the capital.

Both the park and the belvedere are perfect for spending an afternoon with your family. Young and old alike will be happy to stroll about.

Itinerary practical info:

Time: 45 min

Distance: 3.3 kilometres

Start : Metro Couronnes

End : Metro Buttes Chaumont

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