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Discover a French Classic Movie at Les Invalides

Want to feel like a real French? Eager to discover what our culture is about?

You must go the the Hotel des Invalides (aka the French Army Museum) on Saturday, 12th at 8:30 pm. A huge open-air cinema will be built for this special occasion. What film will you see? This is where it's getting interesting.

Rabbi Jacob as you never saw it

"Les aventures de Rabbi Jacob", is one of the most famous movie among French culture, whatever the age.

In fact, the star of the movie is Louis de Funès, one of the most famous actors in the French cinema's history and especially in comedy movies. He played in so many cult movies that it's impossible to count them with our fingers.

The night will be magical, be sure of that.

First of all, the open-air cinema isn't in Front of the Hôtel des Invalides but within its courtyard. So the setting is very original and nothing you'll be able to see before a long time. Second of all, the access to this special night is free! Finally you'll be able to meet after the projection some members of the movie's team as the scenarist Danielle Thompson and Vladimir Cosma, one of the most famous French musician for movies who wrote Rabbi Jacob's music. This is amazing as this movie is 47 years old!

If you want to attend, you must reserve by phone (0153587560) or by mail (

Now you know where to be on Saturday night!

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