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Alert! The terraces are finally open in Paris


Terraces of restaurants and bars have reopened in Paris for a week now. Obviously, we are here to share with you some tips to succeed your come back! Most of these institutions have invested in outdoor tables and parasols, which is quite convenient for the rainy days of spring. And though the rain, you’ll see large smiles and hear laughs under umbrellas. Join a thousand Parisians facing the rain in this second stage of deconfinement to take a beer at their favourite bar. And the good news is: the curfew has been delayed to 9pm, so you can stay and enjoy more time!

How to go?


If you want to wander and see where the wind leads you, maybe you’ll have some difficulties finding a place, especially on the rooftops. It’s better to book your table on the website of the restaurant or café you want to go to (six people maximum per table). If you do, you’ll be sure to have your table on time, instead of walking in the streets until finding a place somewhere. Terraces can be extended to welcome more people, and under certain conditions, the street may be pedestrianized. In the future, a system will be established to make these extensions permanent, and it’s perfect to take a “café & croissant” in the calm without any cars around.

Health measures

Wearing a mask is still an obligation in the city except at terraces where you eat and drink so you can breathe, but don’t forget to go to the toilets! This time, to sit at a terrace it’s unnecessary to bring your hydroalcoholic gel, you’ll find it on your table or at the entrance of the restaurant! Another sad health measure, only 50% of the usual capacity of the terrace can be used, that’s why many restaurateurs didn’t reopen that 19th may.


What’s next?


It’s not impossible to see your favourite restaurant closed, but don’t worry! The next step of the deconfinement will grant 50% of the indoor rooms and 100% of the terraces, it can be enough to encourage the restaurateurs to reopen. Despite everything, many cafes, bars and restaurants have shut down, so let’s support those who continue today to make this city lively, full of life and laughter.

This stage of the deconfinement brings a hint of comfort and a united and delighted atmosphere.


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