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5 Restaurants to take away in the 17th arrondissement

Malls, bars, museums and also restaurants are closed. Fortunately, some restaurants propose to “take away”!

Today we share with you 5 restaurants of the 17th arrondissement, more precisely at Les Batignolles, that are open in “take away”.

All you have to do is go to the restaurant, order and take your food to another place: home, park, borders of Seine... It’s a good reason to stand up from the couch, dress up and take a breather to your lunch.


This chilling restaurant at 34 rue Lemercier has a menu that changes every week, to propose more different meals, but always homemade! FAN DE CAROTTE prepares recipes with local products. You’ll enjoy each bite. Don’t worry, they don’t propose only dishes made from carrots, every taste is welcome there !


2. À la volée

Want some sweet viennoiseries? À la volée is your good address. Located at 21 rue des Dames, this cute restaurant offers sugary delicacies for a perfect break in the day. Enjoy your pastry in the afternoon sun, sit on a bank of a park to appreciate this moment to the best.


3. Les Puces des Batignolles

Savour brunch or taste burgers at 110 rue Legendre, fresh food and good welcome, it’s an “incontournable” of the 17th. Les Puces des Batignolles is the nice little restaurant nearby, take the time to try this restaurant filled with the charm of the capital.

@monsieurjean_fr @pucesdesbatignolles

4. La Thith cantine

Who doesn’t like Vietnamian food? La Thith cantine offers specialities from Vietnam and Laos at 68 rue des Dames. Meals are homemade with fresh products to ensure the best taste in your plate. You will not be disappointed by this place nor the food, so take the metro 2 to station Rome and try this Asian restaurant.


5. Break

Based in a tennis club at 119 boulevard Pereire, this brunch restaurant offers you a beautiful and motivating landscape. Even if you can’t stay inside to take your brunch, food is still delicious and it’s for our best pleasure that we can take it away! Break delight buds and make you rediscover Californian brunch!

@lesexploratrices @oubruncher

If you don’t have any idea of what to cook or if you're too lazy to wash the dishes, lace up your shoes and go get your take away!

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