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3 strolls to walk at the end of the lockdown

Everyone lives the lockdown differently. With the sunny days we have in Paris, the need to go out and take a nice walk grows every day. Sadly, we might have to wait a little bit more before we can go about our businesses outside.

Nonetheless, we are already planning what we are going to do once the lockdown is over. The Panamiens team looked into it and prepared 3 nice walks to (re)discover beautiful hidden places of the French capital city.

1. Explore the Butte aux Cailles neighbourhood 

The Butte aux Cailles is one of Paris most charming neighbourhood. Walking down those streets, we have a feeling that time froze. It's mainly because of its working-class history. Small houses and buildings, local restaurants and businesses: it's like we're out of Paris and it's blaring dynamism.

Pace up and down the streets of the Buttes aux Cailles and admire the beautiful pieces of street art (collages, graffitis and tags), the street gardens, or the shoes hanging on the streets electrical wires as you see in North America. You should also go and discover the very charming Saint-Anne of the Butte-aux-Cailles.

Once you've discovered the neighbourhood, let yourself be tempted by a cafe on the terrace of one of the Cinq Diamants street restaurants (we recommend the basque restaurant Chez Gladines for the hungriest among you).

2. Some greenery... and Royalty

We know it, once the lockdown is over, we will need to revitalize ourselves in our Parisian green islands. What's better than finally walk down the Coulée Verte all the way up to Vincennes Castle and its Middle Age architecture? Then here we go!

Historical anecdote: the Coulée Verte used to be a railway connecting Paris to Eastern Ile-De-France.

Start from La Bastille, climb on the Viaduc des Arts and go through the Reuilly gardens on the footbridge. Then walk into the Reuilly tunnel before passing above the Petite Ceinture. Continue until you have reached and crossed the Périphérique. You are now in the city of Vincennes. Reach the Vincennes wood through the secret street and the Renault street. Walk between the trees until you get to the Vincennes Castle. You can visit the castle for 13 euros if you want to. Coming back to Paris with the subway line 1, stop at the Nation station and go for a drink to lay back after this long walk. We recommend going to the Pères Populaires, the most lively bar in the neighbourhood!

For more information, check the itinerary on the Paris town hall website.  

3. Bobo Paris of the Batignolles

The Batignolles is famous for being one of the most bobo neighbourhood of Paris. It's also one of the most picturesque areas of the capital where you'll find all sorts of restaurants, calm and typical Parisian streets, designer shops and terraces to take a sunbath with beers and friends.

Start with a brunch at Les Fils à Maman, a restaurant where vintage enthusiasts will be served. Then go discover the flowered and charming Batignolles Park. Once you've walked around it, reach the Rue des Dames and wander until you get to the Rue Lemercier. Zigzag between the beautiful streets of the Batignolles and particularly the Rue de la Condamine with its coloured street posts and the best Indian restaurant around Le Maharaja. The rue Legendre and its array of restaurants and typical Parisian shops will also amaze you.

Once your stroll is over, reach the Dr Félix Lobligeois place and sip a fresh beer on one of the terraces in front of the neighbourhood's church: Sainte-Marie des Batignolles.

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