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27th of September: a day without cars in Paris!

Paris is an amazing city to visit with a lot of things to see, great food and bars, chill in parks, etc. But one of the things that are hard to live every day in Paris is the traffic. When they get behind wheels, Parisians can become real dumbasses, honking and shouting at you because you walk to slow on the zebra crossing...

All motorized vehicles are forbidden

But for the 6th consecutive year, Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo has forbidden the use of any motorized vehicle in Paris on Sunday 27th of September. Therefore you'll be able to bike or walk in a calm and chill atmosphere in the most beautiful city in the world, without the noise and pollution.

We recommend renting a Vélib to bike around the city. Paris is pretty small so you can bike around easily and renting Vélib is cheap. Check their website for price information.

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