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The best bubble tea in Paris

For a hot or cold day, bubble tea is never a bad idea. For this reason, you will find the best places to not only drink the best bubble tea in Paris but have an incredible experience.

Here are the best addresses to find the best bubble tea, enjoy!

1. Laïzé :

This tea room focuses on the importance of the natural aromas of his bubble tea, which will take you to a memorable experience not only for its flavor but also for its proposal.

You are going to find a more natural tea, without additives and a place that has wabi-sabi decoration who brings a touch of tranquility to the store and your experience.

2. The alley:

Are you ready to visit the alley after a long day of work? This shop bets you on really innovative bubble tea blends and flavors that will explode your taste buds, but you'll have to deal with a difficult decision thanks to their great variety, you get to choose!

@thealley @thealley @thealley

3. Xing Fu Tang :

Are you down for a trip to Taiwan? Right in the heart of the Marais you will find the legendary Xing Fu Tang or as its translation says “Half of happiness”. This is an experience that promises you the pleasures of travelling without having to go as far thanks to their incredible bubble tea flavours, their aroma and their dessert offer.

4. Herb-tea:

Herb-Tea came up with a concept that you can not miss! Let us elaborate, you can choose from a selection of floral infusions to have in your tea. And now all you have to do is sit, relax and enjoy your bubble tea while watching people pass by. @aline.aez @sofatjade

Enjoy and thank us later !

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