The best 3 Japanese restaurants in Paris 13

With the reopening of restaurant terraces and the beautiful spring weather, we have new plans for you: discover the best Japanese restaurants in the 13th that will revolutionise your palate.

Ready to crave some Japanese food?


1. Sushi Ichi

The best sushi you can find in the 13th. In Sushi Ichi you’ll find a great variety of sushi, makis, their delicious soy rolls, spring rolls, among others.

The point here, it’s how their amazing versatility allows you to discover new things in each meal you’re eating!


2. Taiyaki

Food with a fish form? You can have it in this restaurant located at 44 avenue ivry, which offers a menu of sweet and savory dishes. Taiyaki’s specialty is stuffed waffles that are famous in Japan.

You can choose between these 3 options: sweet, salty, and an ice-cream version. The prices are currently ranging between 2€ and 10€, for a good amount of food and good quality.


3. Otakuni

Otakuni restaurant = amazing chirashi bowl. You just won’t regret going to Otakuni restaurant, their chirashi bowl is an explosion of flavor, based on fresh ingredients and the best recipes.

The restaurant is charming and has a special Asian vibe, you should think about going when they’re open to the public again!


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