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Prepare your summer body in Paris

Are you a summer body aficionados? Why the hell are you still laying on your couch right now?

Today, we share with you the best spots to work out under the sun. Put on your sexy jogging, bring your cap because the sun beats down and go spend your energy!

For the fun runners, you need a beautiful view

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Running in the morning on the borders of Seine is one of the best thinking moments of a day. Enjoy this short time when tourists are still asleep. Look at the beautiful view around you.

For a more intensive run, you can go to Les Buttes Chaumont and meet the challenge of running up and down!

For rolling addicts, skate park or bike path?

Bicycle, skateboard, roller… So many different ways to roll on the floor of Paris. If you prefer to demonstrate your rolling talents go to the Skatepark de Charonne in the 11th arrondissement, a space for skating and making challenges with other people. The Skate park Léon Cladel is a little stroll on wheels, based in the middle of the street between the buildings of the 2nd arrondissement. Or just bike in nature at Le Bois de Vincennes, a huge park in the south-east of Paris.

For body artists, some street work out engines in Paris


Sculpting your muscles is really long, that’s why working on musculature seems endless. But don’t worry, we know where you can go to be motivated and assiduous. Did you know the french Statue of Liberty?

In the middle of the Seine at Pont de Grenelle, you’ll see the reduction of the famous monument. And surprise, just behind are hidden some sport machines to exercise under the bridge away from turbulence.

For Yoga practitioners, calm and relaxing place

Pressure of working everyday, thinking about what to eat at diner, procrastinating the cleanup… Routine is rude, that’s why you need to relax and take a break sometimes. Yoga is made for that! It’s relaxing and it makes your muscles work smoothly, we’ll sign right away! We have chosen 3 parks where you can lay your yoga mat on the grass: Le parc de la butte du chapeau rouge for the view of the city, Le parc floral de Paris for all the flowers around you, and Le parc de Bercy for the lakes.

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Sport is good for your health but don’t forget your bottle of water, to avoid dehydration! And don’t forget to think “body positive”!

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