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Local Interviews episode 3 : Léna Farl

Have you met Léna? She's lived in Paris forever and shared her favorite inspirations in the city. She both manages her Instagram account and works in the communication and events field. She wants to show the real Parisian is not the cliché we got: The real Parisian can also have an Afro style, wear flowery dresses and glasses.

What did she share with us?

  • Her favourite secret spot behind Montmartre

  • Her ice-cream favorite address: La Goutte de Lait

  • Her secret spot for a drink: No Entry

  • Her after-midnight dancefloor: Le Carmen

  • Her essential Parisian Brand: Rouje Paris

  • Her coffee break spot: Chez Jeanne

  • her favourite neighbourhood in town, her lifestyle...

Watch the full interview with all the details below!

Keep your eyes peeled for more local interviews coming in the next weeks :)

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